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Information on Recycling 


“Can this be recycled?” It’s a common question in households.
The Loudoun County
Recycling Guide
helps provide answers, which can lead to a reduction in the
amount of waste in the recycling stream.  

“Our recycling guide helps take the guesswork out of recycling,”
said Loudoun County Recycling Specialist Tony Hayes. “It’s never a good idea to
simply assume something is recyclable and just let the recycling companies sort
it out. We call that ‘wishful recycling,’ which contributes to significant
waste in the recycling process and reduces the value of recycling, financially
and environmentally.”  

The Loudoun County Recycling Guide lists items that can be
recycled through curbside recycling and at the county’s recycling drop-off centers. Items not specifically
listed as acceptable materials should not be placed in a recycling container
until your local service provider is contacted to confirm whether they can be

Common Mistakes
Plastic bags, plastic foam (such as Styrofoam), empty motor oil containers and
recyclables sealed in plastic trash bags are common items mistakenly set out
for recycling. Here’s what to do instead:

  • Return
    plastic grocery bags to grocery stores for recycling. 
  • Place
    plastic foam and empty motor oil containers in the trash. 
  • Do
    not seal recyclables in plastic bags; instead deposit them loosely in
    recycling bins. 

Hazardous items also found in
recycling bins include batteries, fluorescent light bulbs, pressurized cans and
other hazardous materials. These items should not be placed in recycling bins
or even the trash, but instead disposed of at one of the county's household hazardous wasteor business hazardous
collection events. 

Glass Bottles and Jars
Currently, one of the most common questions about recycling concerns glass
bottles and jars. While glass bottles and jars are still accepted in some
curbside recycling programs, the glass is not always able to be put to a
beneficial use and may be discarded as waste. Loudoun County has established a
glass recycling program at six recycling drop-off centers where glass bottles
and jars are collected separately from other recyclable materials to ensure
they are recovered for another use. More details are available at loudoun.gov/recycling

More Information
More information about the county’s recycling and waste management programs is
available by calling 703-771-5500 or visiting loudoun.gov/wastemanagement



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