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Label Your Trash Container! - UCROA

University Center ROA

Address Identification on Trash Containers 

During recent inspections of the UCROA Community, it has come
to our attention that some residents have not labeled their trash and recycling
containers. According to UCROA Policy Resolution No. 2011-02: Resolution
Establishing Rules for Disposal of Trash and Recycling every unit must have
their address labeled on the trash and recycling containers
. The address should
have the last two numbers of your address and the two-letter street designation
(see resolution for the exact two-letter street designations).

For example the containers for 45079 Fellowship Square should read “79FS

According to the trash and recycling resolution, trash
containers without the address, will be removed from the property without
notification. The Resolution can be
found on the website under the “Trash” tab.

We understand some owners might not have been aware of this
policy so the Association is giving all owners until June 29th to
have their address labeled on their trash and recycling containers. After June 29th, if your trash or
recycling container does not have the address labeled, we will be removing your
container(s) from the property
. Replacement will be at the owner/residents expense
without reimbursement from the Association.

Each unit was given one identification sticker in 2011 when
the policy was created. If you need a replacement sticker, please contact TWC
Management. Any questions or concerns, please reach out to Ted Zurawski at TZurawski@TWCmanagement.com. Thank you.


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