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University Center Residential Owners Association eMail Bulletin

Message from the Manager
The Tot Lot


I wanted to write to you regarding the tot lot.  Many of you have asked whether or not the tot lot can be used.  Please see the important information below from the UCROA Board on this issue:

Use of University Center Residential Owners
Association (UCROA) Tot Lot/Playground

Notice from the Board of Directors:

Consistent with local
government decisions to allow access to public playgrounds once Northern
Virginia entered Phase Two and beyond, UCROA tot lot/playgrounds are again
available to UCROA residents. The Phase
Two and Phase Three Guidelines issued by the Governor’s Office do not specify
any protocols for outdoor playgrounds, so UCROA is following the lead of local
governments, many of which have clearly stated that public playgrounds that are
being re-opened will not be sanitized.
It is not feasible or practical for the Association to attempt to
sanitize outdoor play equipment and, as with the public playgrounds operated by
local governments, UCROA will not be attempting to do so. Anyone choosing to
use the UCROA tot lot/playgrounds does so at his or her own risk and is
responsible for following social distancing, mask-wearing, and personal sanitization

Use of the tot lot/playgrounds is solely at the user’s discretion with
the knowledge and understanding that they are risking COVID-19 exposure.

Guidelines for Residents
Electing to Use UCROA Tot Lot/Playgrounds:

one with a fever or other symptoms of COVID-19 or known exposure to a COVID-19
case in the prior 14 days is permitted to use any UCROA facilities.

Residents must manage/supervise themselves and children for
whom they are responsible for compliance with federal, state, and local
COVID-19 guidelines.

users are suggested to bring from home, and frequently use, anti-bacterial
wipes and hand sanitizer before, during and after play.

4. Maintain specified social distancing (10 feet
minimum) at all times.

5. Wear facemasks in accordance with governmental

6. Depart the playground area immediately
following play.

UCROA disclaims any and all liability relating to the
use of the tot lot/playgrounds. Any person
choosing to use the tot lot/playgrounds does so with full knowledge that they
may be exposing themselves to COVID-19.
UCROA does not control access to the tot lot/playgrounds, does not
monitor the tot lot/playgrounds, does not provide regular cleaning of the tot
lot/playgrounds, and the tot lot/playgrounds are purely for resident enjoyment
at the resident’s own risk and responsibility.


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