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University Center Residential Owners Association eMail Bulletin

Message from the Manager
Important Information


Board of Directors and Management continue to monitor the COVID-19 outbreak in
order to develop an action plan with the best interest and health of our
residents in mind.

memorandum is intended to provide you with information and to prepare you for
action taken or may be taken by the Board as the situation runs its
course. Some of these actions may be disruptive to our way of life.

addition to our specific actions below, we encourage residents to follow the
latest guidance and updates issued by:

Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention


Health Organization


Board’s Actions

further notice, the Board of Directors will not conduct its regular meetings in
person and will use alternative means to vote on and address matters.

Clubhouse will remain closed and not available for gatherings.

respect to the Association’s on-site service providers - if a provider is sick
in any way, we have asked them to stay home.

internet and airwaves are providing constant reminders that COVID-19 is spread
mainly through close contact with an infected person, often air-borne emissions
from coughs and sneezes. These emissions end up on commonly touched
surfaces, allowing them to be easily passed from one person to another.
With this thought in mind, the following suggestions are strongly recommended:

limiting guests visiting your home, especially those who may have been in
contact with an infected person or who have travelled recently. If you
believe you have been in contact with an infected person or yourself infected,
please notify management so the Board can consider additional preventive
measures and notifications.

management office is closed to everyone, except employees. Contact the
management office via  email to limit person-to-person
contact as much as possible.

exercise patience as regular services and operations may take slightly longer
due to extra precautions being taken to reduce possible virus spread.

are some of the possible operational changes being considered as the
Association responds to the outbreak. Notices will be sent in advance of
implementation of any additional changes or other similar actions to reduce the
spread of COVID-19 and the health risk to our community.

intention is to do everything reasonably possible to fully operate the HOA;
however, we may need to be flexible and adaptable as the outbreak evolves.

you in advance for your patience and understanding as we navigate this
unprecedented situation.

We may be reached via email at twhitmore@twcmanagement.com or rtorres@twcmanagement.com


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