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University Center Residential Owners Association eMail Bulletin




Dear Homeowners:   

During the last several months, Management has
received numerous complaints about a hazardous condition -- unattended children playing in
the street; specifically, Hardwood and Bar Harbor Terraces.  Homeowners
driving their cars have reported incidents in which they narrowly avoided
hitting children and children actively blocking the passages of vehicles on the road by
refusing to move. 

The rules of the road are generally that vehicles
have priority on the 'street' and pedestrians use the sidewalk. 
Due to increasing safety concerns we ask that you NOT allow children to play on
the streets.  There are several playgrounds and areas throughout the
community designated for children to play that are structured to provide the
necessary safety for all children.  Community streets and roads should not
be used for recreation purposes as it is an uncontrolled environment with very
significant safety risks for children playing on the street.



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