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Social Security
Scam – A note from LCSO


continues to see a number of residents being scammed by callers claiming to be
with the Social Security Administration. Other residents continue to report
receiving automated voicemails similar to the audio featured below.

individuals claim that the victim's personal information has been compromised
and was possibly connected to criminal activity. The victims are threatened
with arrest if they do not pay monies via gift cards and wire transfers.

The Social
Security Administration will never contact you over the phone or email to
obtain your personal information. The LCSO requests citizens to follow these
important steps to confront these scams:

Understand the threat- Fraudsters use a range of different forms of
impersonations and schemes in an attempt to obtain your information. They may
contact you claiming to be a representative from the Social Security
Administration or some other government agency. Learn more about various frauds
here: https://www.ssa.gov/phila/scams.htm and https://www.fbi.gov/scams-and-safety

2. Exercise
caution- Government agencies will never contact you by phone or email
requesting your personal information. Verify the identity of anyone requesting
your personal information by reaching out to the entity’s customer service
channels. Do not call numbers provided to you by the person who contacted you.

3. Secure
your information- Store your personal information like Social Security card in
a safe location. Shred any unneeded documents that contain any personal



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